Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crypto-positivism and post-normal science

Anthropologist vs. native, that's the false dichotomy which will for ever keep Anthropology a colonial project. Overcoming such modernist dichotomies, however, takes a complete departure from what we have known as the scientific method knowledge production (e.g., Castaneda going shaman), which, in its turn, is impossible by way of that very method. In other words, the way we think needs to be revamped using the way of thinking we yet don't know. That's where it stops for the crypto-positivists amongst us...

Perhaps, I need to elucidate what I mean by crypto-positivism. It's the modus operandi of those who are dead-sure they are not positivists, but they actually are but just don't know it and can't help it because how on earth do examine critically your own critical thinking?

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