Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ritual and its meaning

We do need more than "thick descriptions" of the social embeddedness of rituals, unless we assume that external bells and whistles are all there's to a ritual or a belief.

Thing is that the Dreaming (the primary process thinking) is always present within the mind, albeit unbeknownst to or ignored by the conscious. Initiation ceremonies provide an immediate experience of it, connecting the individual to their unconscious mind and its timeless archetypes. Monotheistic religions and later scientific rationality have ruthlessly uprooted those under the rubric of paganism, thus depriving us of an essential human experience, necessary to experience one's life meaningfully.

That said, many rituals have been hollowed out, become mere motions to go through, acquired or were assigned a different meaning to serve purposes different to the original ones, or are experienced as mere cultural/social conventions even by those who are put through them.

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