Sunday, April 28, 2013

Individual freedom: a value, a concept, a propaganda tool

What components the concept of individual freedom is actually made of and by what kind of logic does is get coupled to, say, "Islam" (enemies!) or "democracy" (handmaidens!). The two latter concepts are also not static in time and also vary from location to location, et they get peddled as something uniform and perennial

Also, what does actually bring individual freedom about (could be rise in prosperity, for example)? And how theories about it are used to push certain agenda (capitalism=individual freedom=good=open up your markets!). Also, what are the price and the flipside (e.g., anomie, disenchantment, alienation) of individual freedom? It can also mean freedom from any obligations towards an individual, as in the post-slavery United States.

By all that, I do not imply that it is bad, I just think it is more complex that it is made look and we need to see how the knowledge about it is produced and to what ends.

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