Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ayn Rand and the spirit of Neo-Liberalism

Ayn Rand's spirit is in everything that people, ranging from her disciple Alan Greenspan to the starry-eyed and bushy-tailed business studies undergrads, do.Hers is the Neo-Liberal motto of the deserving vs. the undeserving, an arbitrary, misanthropic choice to divide the humanity, in this case based on their ability to participate efficiently in the market economy, dehumanising those who can't, none different from any other equally pernicious dividing ideology, we have seen so many of them bringing suffering ad destruction to the world.

The foundation of any ideology/personal belief system is in such pre-logical, emotional choices, arguing rationally with whatever rationalisation is built upon that won't achieve anything, because that logic is a mere projection of the now unconscious, internalised value. For example, the seemingly rational approach of treating the rest of reality - people, society, nature - as "externalities" to economy, rests on the irrational belief that market is a wise force that sorts out everything and is worth sacrificing anything for. As a result, we get a situation where market wins at the expense of  exactly everything else: people, society, nature. This kind of pernicious "truths" are fed to young, unsuspecting minds in university departments as unquestionable axioms by imposingly looking, glib professors, indoctrinating them to become the enthusiastic foot-soldiers of forces that sacrifice entire nations' livelihoods, the cooperative spirit of communities, humaneness, whole ecological systems, physical and emotional health of millions, for the sake of growth, i.e., the constant expansion of credit to sustain the fractional reserve system of making money out of nothing.

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