Monday, April 20, 2015

Preventive medicine, superstition and body awareness

The connection between draft (currents of cold air) and colds is known in many cultures. In Russian it is the сквозняк, in Romanian - curentul, in Turkish - kurandar, in Thai - ร่าง, in Indonesian - masuk angin, in Greek - ψύξι...  and many people take precautions not to be exposed to one. There's a not-metaphysical explanation to this: prolonged exposure to cold currents of air does cause colds, everyone who's slept under the air-conditioning would know that. Evidence is really down to the level of one's body awareness, a lot of people are largely oblivious to the majority of their body sensations, subtle changes go mostly unnoticed, while the mind's focus remains inside one's head and social environment. Also if you put it in a perspective: the pre-modern humanity kept itself alive by way of preventive medicine - trying to ward off illnesses before they happen or nip them in the bud when the first symptoms emerge. Many modern humans prefer to fall proper sick first and then to seek cure. Perhaps, a mindful combination of two would be ideal...

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